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The Mallard Duck is thought to be the most abundant duck in the world today...

...with approximately 10 million living in North America and millions more spread throughout Eurasia. Its shiney green head, yellow beak, white neck ring and black rump are unique to the male of this species, but quite a familiar sight to inhabitants of Alaska, far and wide.  Unlike the male, the female's plumage is a mottled brown with white tail feathers and a mottled orange and brown bill. During non-breeding seasons, the males plumage changes to become more like the female's, though it does maintain its distinctive yellow bill.


The Mallard is considered a medium sized duck at appoximately 18-27 inches in length. Mallards inhabit most wetlands where calm waters can be found. It is not uncommon to see them swimming in city parks and playgrounds that have lakes and ponds.  Once mated, a Mallard pair will return to the female's place of origin to nest. Nests are usually built on land within 100 yards of the water and concealed by tall grass and reeds.


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